The POSTUREANGEL™ is an Active Rehab System that provides patients with a functional modality that corrects and supports upright posture while engaging in a variety of neuromuscular re-education, scapular stabilization, and resistance therapy exercises.

It's versatility and design is intended to help patients engage and isolate only the targeted muscle groups, while minimizing distortional stress on the body as a whole.

"Perfect for clinicians interested in improving or adding a therapeutic exercise program to their practice. It uses only a small footprint in your office and can be used to rehab practically any region of the body!" - Dr. Anthony Calantoni

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With a minimal footprint and versatile design, the PostureAngel is the premier rehabilitation machine!

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Patient Testimonials

I am a 49 year old baseball pitcher for two different independent teams. I would recommend the PostureAngel to anyone who seeks to improve on field performance. Along with regular chiropractic sessions using this machine has increased my pitching velocity by 8-10 mph. It also allows me to experience greater flexibility and shoulder stability. If I could own only one piece of fitness equipment the PostureAngel would be the one.

Gary E. Loesch

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